Arise International School of Ministry's mandate is:

  • To PREPARE you for ministry
  • To POSITION you in your call
  • To PLACE you in your Kingdom purpose
  • To RELEASE you to be trained for Office
  • To ELEVATE you to carry the Glory of God in this end-time. (Col 1:27-29)

The LORD has specifically spoken regarding this mandate:

Minister the message of purity, holiness, healing, and deliverance for all who are willing to step out of their comfort zones to become the message.

Note: You must first "Register" for Arise International School of Ministry, and we will add you to the User's list. You can review all the courses offered once registered. Then you need to "Enroll" in the course of your choice. Only then will you gain access to the content of the specific course you choose.

We are currently in the process to obtain accreditation.

Welcome to Arise International School of Ministry

Dr. Lisa M. Vice, President